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  • Waste to Energy Asia Summit 2024 Vietnam Focus
Waste to Energy Asia Summit 2024 Vietnam Focus

Waste to Energy Asia Summit 2024 Vietnam Focus

  • Date:March 20-22, 2024
  • Location:Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Estemated number:300

Current Waste to Energy (WtE) Markets & Trends in Vietnam

Waste-to-energy production is becoming a useful solution in the world, In Vietnam, a country with a numerous population and growing economy, solid waste management has become a serious issue, attracting the attention of the local government and businesses. Environmental issues and demand for land in urban areas also lead to an urgent need for the waste-to-energy solution, thus helping to ensure energy security.

Statistics showed that about 5,400 tonnes of solid waste discharged from households in Hanoi each day, while the figure in Ho Chi Minh City reaches8,300 tonnes per day.

However, up to 90 percent of solid waste in Hanoi and76 percent in HCM City are buried. The rest is burned, recycled or converted into organic fertiliser.

Temporary landfill sites are already overloaded, and the environment will be seriously affected unless advanced technologies are applied. The waste from industrial, agricultural, forestry and livestock production is treated and used rationally for the energy purpose.

To improve the percentage of livestock waste treatment for energy purpose from around 5% in 2015 to around 10% by 2020, around 50% by 2030, most livestock waste shall be treated by 2050.

To increase the percentage of livestock waste treatment for energy purpose from the negligible rate for the time being to 30% by2020, round 70% by2030 and most of it is utilized for energy purpose by 2050.

Critical Issues to be addressed at this Summit

Municipal Initiatives Towards Handling Waste Disposal Volumes

Commercially Produced Agricultural Residues Converted into Biofuels

New Urbanization Plans in Big Cities: Opportunities for the Waste

Management Industry in Vietnam.

Solid Waste Management in Vietnam: Tendering & Contracts Considerations

Sustainable Implementations in the Supply Chain

Vietnam Waste to Energy & Biogas Biomass Policy and Targets

Emerging challenges & opportunities for WtE & Biogas Biomass in Vietnam

Insights Into New Initiatives on Waste to Energy & Biogas Biomass in Vietnam

How Governments are integrating the waste, energy & climate change agenda?

Accelerating Waste to Energy Infrastructure Development and Technologies Selection


Focus on:

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Incineration Plant, Landfill Gas

Recycling, Waste Management Collection/Transport, WtE Power Plant

Agri-Waste POME treatment, RDF, SRF, Waste Conversion Biological

Treatment, Biomass Energy, Biogas, Biofuel, Flue Gas Treatment


Who Should Attend

Project Analysts

Legal and Advisory Consultants

Energy Efficiency Consultants

Environmental Technology Companies

Research Institutes & Universities

Landfill Operators

Recycling Plants Operators

Waste Management and Disposal Companies

Industrial Estates Developers

Heads of Technology and Engineering

Government Ministry Officials

Technical, Operations Directors and Managers

Agrecutrual Industry(rice,bagasse,coconut factary) Directors and Managers

Corporate Development Director and Managers

Director-Generals, CEOs, Managing Directors and General Managers

Municipalities and City Planning Officers

Heads of Environment

Corporate Social Responsibility Directors & Managers

Technology Developers

Health Safety and Environment Directors & Managers

Heads of Renewable Energy

Supply Chain Directors and Managers

Waste to Energy Operators

Biotechnology Researchers/ Advisers & Consultants

Renewable Consultants

Waste to Resources Operators

Supply and Operations Managers

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